Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Top Gun

Top Gun (1986) Tony Scott

The man of the 80’s, Tom Cruise, stars in the action packed film about fighter pilots. When Cougar bails on Top Gun, Stinger must send another team of his top pilots. Maverick and Goose head over to US Navy Fighter Weapons School; also known as Top Gun amongst the pilots. The competition is fierce as everyone is competing for the top spot. Maverick’s biggest rival is Iceman. Maverick decides to do as he wishes on the first day flying and in turn breaks many rules even though he ends up getting the teacher. When he’s at a bar with Goose, he sees a woman and sings to her in an attempt to get with her. She turns him down and also tells him that he is a horrible singer. Later, Maverick discovers that the woman he hit on is actually one of his instructors. When he tells her that he flew a plane into an inverted dive and then flipped the other plane off, she becomes intrigued by him. Maverick pursues her and she ends up falling in love with him. When a mission goes wrong, Goose’s seat ejects and he hits the canopy and dies. This leads Maverick to doubt himself although the accident was not his fault. The movie ends with Maverick saving Iceman’s back. This movie is a classic 80’s movie that has stood the test of time. People still consider it one of the best action movies and it is well known all throughout the world. The film influenced many trends of the 80’s such as the aviators that became popular thanks to Tom Cruise. This movie has influenced generations and I’m sure will continue to influence generations to come.

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