Sunday, October 21, 2007



“ I want you to stick to him like chewing gum, by the end of the game I want to know what flavor he is”

Picture of Gene Hackman  as Coach Norman Dale  from Hoosiers,  High Quality Photos  C54478

Hoosiers was produced in 1986.The director of Hoosiers is David Anspaugh. The lead actor is Gene Hackman who plays Norman Dale, a high school basketball coach who is trying to lead his team to the state championship. This is one of the most famous sports movies of all time.

The beginning of the movie makes it really obvious that this is a small town that doesn’t like new comers or any change. When Norman Dale comes in as the new high school basketball coach in Hickory many of the towns people give him a hard time and try to tell him how he should run the basketball practices.

When the basketball team first starts playing they are not nearly as good as the other teams but they begin to bond together and start to believe in the way Coach Dale coaches.

Coach Dale ends up bringing the community together and the town’s people end up realizing that the coach is actually a good guy.

Hoosiers is a great movie that has a lot of good basketball scenes. The Movie really gets you cheering for Hickory. No doubt one of the greatest sports movies of all time. This is a must see movie.

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