Sunday, October 29, 2006

Over the Top

Sylvester Stallone is by nature a man of few words. A film that headlines Stallone will rarely contain Oscar quality acting on his part but you’ve got to love the guy anyway. In one of the 1980’s many overlooked B movies, Stallone stars as Lincoln Hawkes, a troubled divorced truck driver who arm wrestles on the side for extra cash. Arm wrestling becomes Hawkes’s ticket to a better life and custody of his son. The whole film is spent following the underdog story of Hawkes and his battle against not only the bigger and stronger Bull Hurley but also against his rich and evil father-in-law. The father –in-law desperately does not want his grandson interacting with Hawkes brainwashing the family that he is a bad influence and a bad father. In the end Stallone rises to the challenge and takes down Hurley in an epic arm wrestling match in Las Vegas that wins him a check to pick up the pieces of his life and at the same time earning the respect of his son. It was a pretty good film for us guys; however, I’m sure the ladies might think differently about it. How can you not like anything that Stallone is in? Come on… the guy is PURE action. Plus Kenny Loggins’s Meet Me Halfway adds to the overall 80’s effect of this film. Go out and rent this one or you could even probably buy it for the same price.

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Memorable Lines:

I don’t think Stallone talks… ever.

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