Sunday, October 01, 2006

Best of the Best


Recently I saw the 1989 film Best of the Best when it was on the USA network. This is a great sports movie even if you don’t enjoy karate. Plus how can you not like anything that includes James Earl Jones? The film follows the USA national karate team in their quest to overtake the ever dominant Korean national team. Coach Cuzo (Jones) selects the “best of the best” of American martial artists and trains them for battle. The team consists of Philip Ree and Eric Roberts as well as Chris Penn. They undergo grueling training and encounter self conflicts before going to Korea as underdogs to partake in the tournament. Throughout the whole movie the Americans are paralleled with the Koreans in their styles of training and intensity and are made to look inferior. Ultimately the film sets the audience up for the classic underdog comeback story, however, in the end the Koreans end up winning. Although their win is due to the fact that Tommy Lee (Ree) refuses to finish off a helpless member of the Korean team, it is still unconventional in its delivery. Several sequels followed yet none of them worked as well as the original. I recommend that if you are interested karate or like a plotline of America vs. anyone that you see this movie.

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Memorable quotes:

“Drop him like a toilet seat Tommyy...”

“You have been chosen because you are… the Best of the Best”

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