Sunday, September 17, 2006

Caddy Shack

This is what I would like to so properly deem as a husband's choice film.

Every guy I know tends to think that Caddy Shack is the greatest contribution to cinema of all time. From my experience, girls don't usually agree. Now I have finally seen it, and I would have to agree with my fellow females--this movie bites.

It's not funny, except for the cute, fuzzy, and purposely cheesy gopher. It's just dumb humor, but the word "humor" must only be used in the most liberal sense.

Even though this film makes use of some of the funniest people who have ever lived--Rodney Dangerfield, Chevy Chase, Bill Murray--somehow the film's pointlessness overrides their comic ability creating the result of me wishing I had the last two hours of my life back.

I'm all about movies that have no plot. And the characters in the film are, well, interesting, I suppose. But the dialogue is so far out in left field (not to use a baseball term in a golf movie) that it's not even funny. Again, left field comedy is one of my favorite forms of comedy, but this just doesn't even attempt to make sense.

Back to to gopher, though, he is a clever element of the film, if there is such a thing. I like that the technology is purposefully bad and the scenario is completely unrealistic. It is one thing for Bill Murray to be outsmarted by a gopher. It is completely another to be outsmarted by a poor representation of an animatronic gopher that dances to celebrate its victory. I must say, that is brilliantly amusing.

Past the gopher, however, I see no redeeming qualities in this film. I even like golf, but this is just too much. Or too little. Or something.

As for my husband picking the films I watch, I think I will cease this practice. Give me Moonstruck and The Breakfast Club any day of the week.


Vladigogo said...

Carl is the man.

And of course another Kenny Loggins song. Plus, there is a great Journey song (probably the only one) in the film too.

Paul said...

Yo quit dissin' on Caddyshack. I can't believe you took the gopher's side, he's evil.