Thursday, March 09, 2006

When Harry Met Sally...

This film was directed by Rob Riener and written by Nora Ephron. It stars Billy Crystal, Meg Ryan, and Carrie Fishcher. I would like to start by saying that this happens to be my friends favorite movie and she watches very often and she recommended it to me. At first I had my reservations because I am not a big fan of Meg Ryan but since I was held up in my house with the flu I gave it a shot.
This film starts off with Harry and Sally on a trip to New York. Sally drops him off and they part ways. They really dont like each other at first. 5 years late as fate will have it they meet again in an airport...both in relatiohships...Harry is getting married. The are on the same flight and they chat but still don't seem to be fond of each others personalities. They part ways again! So another five years pass and we learn that Sally seperated from her man and Harry is getting divorced. Sally and Marie (Carrie Fischer) are in a bookstore and what do you know? Harry and Sally meet again and this time become friends. So pretty much over a span of a few months their friendship builds and they like each other...but only in the friend way. They both complain about finding love when in reality the two are meant for eachother. Their two best freinds Marie and Jess find love and well, so do Harry and Sally. Hope I'm not ruining the movie for you but I think its kind of obvious what happens in the guessed!
The film is all about the trials and tribulations of love and relationships. These two "friends" have feelinings for each other and they just can't make a move. They are a match and it takes them are really long time to figure that out! The film was a really cute romantic comedy and if your a girl I would recommend it. If your a's a good film but more of a chick flick. I got some good laughs, especially in the diner orgasm scene which is the most famous from this movie. Its pretty funny! Overall, it's a good film that's cute and if you want to watch a carefree movie that I think this is the one for you. I can see now why my friend likes it so much. It may not be my favorite but I can say I watch a more notable film of the 8o's!


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Vladigogo said...

back in the day as a grad student when my school had a bar on campus a number of us (who were of age) proceeded to drink a great deal of Busch beer and then went to a showing of the film (on campus, mind you).

It was a blast and for three months we were quoting this film non-stop--"Sheldon" "Married" "Empirically she is attractive" "You made a woman meow" "Mr Freeze Knew?" "Baby Fish mouth" I could go on and on.

Oh, Die Hard too was a huge hit for lines.