Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Labyrinth: haha....what can you say about this film

So a few days ago, at about 1am, I found myself watching the strangest movie on TBS called Labyrinth. I quickly recognized a young Jennifer Connelly as the main character, and a freakish looking David Bowie?!?!! The story itself is about a girl who accidentally wishes her brother Toby into the captivity of Bowie’s character, the Goblin King. She is then faced with the obstacle of navigating a huge maze to the Goblin King’s castle in order to save her baby brother from being turned into a goblin. Along her journey she encounters countless creatures of very strange appearance that either help her, or deliberately try to set her off course. Eventually she builds a team of allies and together they help each other along the way. The film also has a musical feel to it because there are several songs performed by Bowie’s character throughout the plot.

Overall the movie is very strange, and the only reason it held my attention was because it kept getting weirder and weirder. It sort of leaves you with a feeling of “What the hell was that?” However, apparently there is a sort of cult following fan base, along with merchandise such as T-shirts and toys from the movie. The various creatures and monsters liven things up, but they are distinctly 80’s because they have a muppet feel to them. This one was a little too weird for me though….makes me wonder what the writer and director were tripping on during its production.

(Check it all out) Here is the trailer:

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etibbs said...

I totally disagree. The labyrinth is a great movie. Granted, it's weird, but it's really fun. We have the typical repressed teenager, Sarah, who is scolded by her parents, and then made to babysit her baby brother, who seems to do nothing but cry. She ends up wishing the goblin king would come and get him (be careful what you wish for). She immediately realizes she's made a mistake, and is given only 13 hours to get baby toby back. She has to get to the goblin king's castle, which is inside the labyrinth. The Labyrinth looks terrifying from the outside, and the viewer really cant imagine anyway through. She even has a really hard time getting in. Sarah faces all sorts of mind-boggliing challenges, like the door knockers, one of which leads to certain death, (One always lies, and one always tells the truth. It's a great riddle. )or the stones that keep rearranging themselves, or when she has to remember what words to recite when facing the goblin king.
And Sarah makes all sorts of great muppet friends: Hoggle, Ludo, Sir Didymus. It's definitely a lesson in diversity.
And then there's David Bowie. First of all, when does he not look wierd? This role is perfect for him. I was always amazed by his trick of rolling those crystal balls around in the palm of his hand, very cool. And the end scene, in his castle is awesome, with weird staircases, music, etc.
And, it's a Jim Henson movie, so the muppets are very well done. And there are some truly scary bits, especially at the beginning when Toby is kidnapped. And some truly funny bits.
SO, yeah, i'm a fan, so dont knock it!