Thursday, January 26, 2006

Who ya gonna call?

Truly an iconic film from the 1980s Ghostbusters offers perhaps one of the greatest missed moments in cinematic history. When the boys get their first job of tracking down the nasty green ghost who slimes Venkman, they find themselves in a ballroom with the apparition spinning around above them. The guys clear out all the tables in order to lay their trap, but just as they are doing this, Venkman comes across a table still set. He says: "Wait, wait, I've always wanted to try this" and then he proceeds to pull the tablecloth out from under the set table. Almost everything goes flying, except "The flowers are still standing." A special moment lost amidst many.

Does the film still hold up though? That is the larger question. Over 20 years old now and relying on special effects that no longer dazzle. Although I think you can argue that the Stay Puff Giant Marshmallow Man is still a compelling and enjoyable piece of film magic--at least he still holds water with my five year old, who only wants to watch the film in order to see the sailor crash through Manhattan and become the liquid ingredient so important to the middle of a S'more.

However, I will admit being a Ghostbusters purist I have not yet seen the sequel, which Bill Murray was entirely against doing until he held up the studio for big bucks and for them funding his film The Razor's Edge, which no one went to see, much like The Man Who Wasn't There.

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